Carandini, 2020


Century is an urban luminaire for environmental applications with a unique design. It presents a contemporary and elegant aesthetic, giving the landscape an harmony with the surroundings during the day, while at night it generates a pleasant atmosphere.

Thanks to the versatility of its fixings and optical distributions, it shapes the light, taking it where it is required, thus creating comfortable environments in all types of urban spaces such as parks, promenades, squares, pedestrian areas, residential areas or historical centres.

Century has been designed with every detail in mind.  The wiring and fittings are not visible from the outside, giving a totally clean and elegant view of the luminaire.

The various fixing systems integrate naturally and subtly between the frame and the outer perimeter surface, avoiding the use of additional anchoring accessories and allowing the exterior appearance to be more elegant and clean.

Century maximizes the heat management of the luminaire. The LED module system has a large contact surface that facilitates the conduction and dissipation of heat through the entire armature. The system of cavities around the armature generates a constant flow of air that passes through the luminaire cooling the system by  the convection principle, thus ensuring a longer life and high performance of the luminaire.

Century was born to celebrate Carandini’s centenary and to represent its values: technical and environmentally friendly lighting, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and ready to become part of the cities of the future. Century is the result of 100 years of history.

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