Lodiví, 2022


Lodiví is our homemade brand, born in 2013. It is specialized in innovative products for modern kitchens. Lodiví was born with the aim of reinterpreting traditional utensils that are as linked to our culture as the ham holder from a fresh and modern approach.

We have redesigned all its corporate identity: from logo design and packaging to digital solutions as website design, with all its responsive applications. 

The typography transports us to this world of elegance and artisan work, and coexists perfectly with the corporate palette worked through the raw materials used in every product of the brand.

The graphic design on the different pieces used in communication in social networks has also been carried out, applying the visual identity of the brand to its format.

The packaging design is based also on raw materials. A cardboard box with a protective strip that covers part of the box, giving quality and security of the product. Adhesives of different colors have been used, associated to each product, which allow their identification.

The art direction of the photographs is based on the identity colors of every product. We created an atmosphere related to the color palette designed, with different objects to emphasize the brand’s concept and values.

From Diba Studio we design all edition products for Lodiví. We are committed to design as a fundamental value to offer a functional and attractive product. We prioritize quality over quantity with simple, durable and honest pieces.