LedsC4, 2018


Create a desired ambience by shaping the light is the main goal of Cocktail table lamp. The light itself designs this table lamp: a balancing cone-shape diffuser, floating right over the body of the lamp. It brings about a delicate appearance, evoking a singular and pure shape.

At the same time, Cocktail seeks the interaction with the user, enabling them to play with the head, directing it towards the surfarce of their interest or by easily placing the lamp wherever they need.

A portable lamp designed to efficiently light surfaces due to its 4-step dimming: the user can adjust the light and create the desired atmosphere.

When placed over a dining table, the right height avoid glare and do not generate any visual interference. The cone-shape diffuser projects a transversal light direction, accenting the surfaces and reducing at maximum the shades.

iF Awards Winner 2021, and Bronze Delta ADI Awards 2020

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