Materialising light

Invisible has been awarded with the “German Design Award 2016”, honored by the international jury of the German Design Council, an acknowledgment which confirms the excellent reaction to this luminarie among design professionals.

A jury composed of 35 experts from the fields of business, science, and design industry has been in charge of conceding this valuable award to Invisible, whose iconic personality, versatile design, lighting quality, and the ability to materialize light have been the most valued features.

The essence of Invisible is indeed its main reason to be, as its design allows mixing in many contexts and lasting beyond trends.

The light is this project’s main protagonist, as the tangible part of luminaire appears in the most silent way offering a solution in which the pure geometry, lightness, and harmony come together – the circle.

A subtle set of balances, both volumetric and physical, emanates from this element and gives as a result an apparently simple, but very iconic and personal item. Thanks to its versatility, the light is materialized in order to get to a plethora of spaces in a non-invasive and respectful way.